Discipleship Resolutions for 2014


1. Remain silent before your accusers.
2. Only say those things about people that Jesus would say about them.
3. Make your prayers more personal. Talk to your heavenly Father out loud. Pour your heart out. Tell him everything! Get past those trite phrases.
4. Be completely honest this year. No white lies, no shading the truth to make yourself look better.
5. Practice humility, that deep-down kind. No self serving words or excuses.
6. Don’t manipulate people or situations for your benefit.
7. Spend a little time each day praying through scripture and ask, “Father, how can I obey this Word today?”
8. Change your attitude towards something that you complain about; in life, at home, at church. Make it a matter that no longer matters.
9. Talk less, listen more.
10. Be thankful. Praise God! Don’t let a butterfly, flower or sunset pass without expressing gratitude to our Creator.
11. Challenge yourself through prayer and study to rethink a long held religious interpretation /preference /opinion in a different way.
12. Trust God and rely only upon His fullness as never before.
13. Grace! Live in it. Extend it freely to others and dare to err on the side of grace instead of judgment. Let God sort it out.
14. Choose moral purity in both thoughts and actions.
15. Love one another. If we could just get this, little else would matter.

Valentine Ministry

You are invited to be a part of this year’s Valentine Ministry for our widows, widowers, and shut ins!  Beginning Wednesday, February 5, there will be a table in the foyer with Valentine gift bags for these precious members of our congregation.  Please bring a small Valentine for each one and distribute them into the bags (approximately 35).  This is great for children, teens, and adults of all ages to “love on” others!  If you’re short on time, a piece of wrapped candy is a “sweet” alternative.   See Lesa Brassette for a list of names (or to add a name) or email her (Lesa@Brassette.com) for a digital list.  If you can help deliver a bag, please feel free to pick them up after Bible Study on Wednesday, February 12.