Upcoming Events


  • Saturday, October 1 – Dinner for 8 Potluck – Click HERE
  • Sunday, October 2 – 1 pm Creative Christians Meet
  • Monday, October 3 – Serve Meal at Homeward Bound
  • Saturday, October 8Men’s Pitchfork Fondue – Click HERE
  • Sunday, October 9 - $pecial Collection – Click HERE
  • Sunday, October 9Youth Group: Huddle – Click HERE
  • Sunday, October 16Youth Group: Corn Maze Event
  • Saturday, October 29Ladies’ Fall Luncheon – Click HERE
  • Sunday, October 30Children: Trunk or Treat

Ladies’ Bible Class


Ladies Bible Class will begin on Thursday, September 8 at 9:30 in room 103. We will be studying Beth Moore’s So Long Insecurity. If you plan to attend, please sign up on the S2S bulletin board so we can order you a book.

Seeking Youth Minister


Our current youth minister has recently offered us his resignation. His wife has been offered her dream job, in Texas, so they will be leaving. As his family prepares to move to Texas this summer, we are looking to fill his position and continue the work of ministering to our youth group. Members may link to this page and share this information as you see fit. If you are interested in this position, please read and reply to the information you’ll find below.

Click here >> Youth Minister Position to read about our hopes and expectations for the ideal candidate.

TBS Registration


Thursday Bible School is now registering for the 2016-2017 school year! We need completed registration forms back as soon as possible so we will know how many openings we have. Please see Sharon Riddle, Jenna Hill, or Jimmye Tidwell (in the church office) for a form.

Scott Harris Family Update


Update from March 20, 2016 on Scott and Lisa Harris and Family:

This update seems slow in coming, but even now, I am having to force myself to come and try and write something. It seems a bit hard to concentrate and focus. So many scenarios, images, and emotions running through my head. I will find myself thinking, “I’m really OK,” but then, for example, someone bumped into me in town and I was instantly filled with fear and the urge to react. I dread the nights and long for the sun to rise in the mornings (yes, I have seen the last two). Rather than rewrite everything, I will borrow and add to my daughter’s first report.

48 hours ago, my family and I were attacked by 3 men and held at gun point. We tried to fight back, but we were beaten, bound by tight cords, gagged, they repeatedly threatened to rape my daughter. To see them sIap and hit Lisa and Mariah was almost more than I could take. I would submit until one of the girls would resist them — like wanting to lock Mariah a separate room, Lisa kept resisting saying take what ever you want, but keep us together – then they would slap her down to the ground again — that would cause me to start fighting to get loose again. Actually, it was very evident from the beginning that they were not prepared for any resistance and the resistance unnerved them. Even as write that now, still I struggle between tears and a surge of anger.

We were eventually put in different rooms. Mariah was put in our bathroom, Lisa was tied to our bed frame in our room where they were searching, and I was “locked” in Mariah’s room. I had already freed one hand, but kept the cord wrapped around my wrist like I was tied up until I could escape or do something. They later tied my arms and legs and put a gag in my mouth, but never checked to see if my hands were still tight! Thinking I couldn’t move or get out of the room. I was up and had freed myself in 10 seconds probably, but then I had to decide what to do. I could hear at least two of them yelling in my room, so I knew where they were. I opened her bedroom door and ran to the front door and was out running to get help. We have since determined they never knew I was gone until they heard Emily yelling outside the house for Lisa not knowing what had happened. Mariah started yelling for Emily to run home for safety as there were three thieves in the house. They heard that and fled after turning out the lights (and I am sure discovering I was gone). I ran to a neighbor who jumped in his car and we rushed to find help to come free my family.

The guys we collected a bar this guy frequents were too afraid to continue back without the police, so we went further into town to get the police – no, they don’t have their own transport. We returned just after Emily got back to her house. As soon as they shut our bedroom door, Lisa was able to free herself and Mariah was able to unlock the door with her nose so Lisa could let her out. They then quickly locked the security gates and front door so they were safely inside. Not knowing what had happened to me, Lisa says she was sure they had taken me and probably killed me. They stole our money, our laptops, iPad’s cell phones (they took mine first and removed the cover, but somehow dropped it by my desk and thus Lisa and Mariah found it to call for help), jewelry, and other things.

We have been asked by many what they can do to help. Well, we need help to increase our physical security here. First, we need to build a security wall around our property (they are common here). I worked with my builder and a quick rough estimate with today’s prices and exchange rate is about $9000. Second, we have a list of other minor changes/additions to the house we can make to make it more secure, but for obvious reasons don’t want to post this to the whole world. Third, others have ask if they can help replace what was stolen. That, at this point is our least concern as safety is more important. We don’t personally have the money to do all this ourselves overnight.

One of our supporting churches (my parent’s church and where I grew up) has agreed to receive and receipt any donations for us. This will help keep special donations from being mixed with our normal monthly support. If you feel called to help, tax deductible donations can be made payable to Grand Junction Church of Christ, then mailed to:

2893 Patterson Road - Grand Junction, CO 81506  Marked for: Mozambique Emergency Fund

We have discovered many ways God was at work and were our miracles as this happened. Things could have been so much worse and we are so thankful they weren’t. You cannot know how much your messages and prayers have already helped us. To be honest, that first night, I felt so isolated and alone. Once word got out, WOW is all I can say. We feel your love and prayers!!! Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we heal both physically and emotionally, but also for our boys who are far from us, something that is very hard on them us.