Upcoming Events


  • Thursdays, 9:30 a.m. – Ladies’ Bible Class – Click HERE
  • Saturday, March 4 – 10 am – Baby Shower – Breanna Yeager – Click HERE
  • Saturday, March 4 – 6 pm – Empty Nesters’ Event – Click HERE
  • Sunday, March 5 – 1 pm – Creative Christians – Click HERE
  • Sunday, March 5Youth Group: High Schoolers Lunch Hangout – Click HERE
  • Friday & Saturday, April 7-8 – Men’s Retreat – Click HERE

Middle School Madness

2017 Dates: April 7-9

A special event just for middle school students in early spring. Join hundreds of youth from around Colorado at a retreat designed for students in grades 6-8. The weekend is filled with activities, speakers, and worship! Each year a new theme inspires and encourages students in their relationships with each other and God.

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For info on the camp location: www.covenantheights.org

Winter Peak

Winter Peak: Usually held in Estes Park, CO, at the Covenant Heights Camp and Retreat Center, this is a  gathering of Colorado high school students. Youth ministers serve as counselors, and the experience includes worship and classes geared for this age group. These classes are designed to challenge, inspire and motivate teens to develop a deeper relationship with God.

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More information about the camp can be found at: www.CovenantHeights.org.

Men’s Retreat

April 7-8. Sign up in the foyer or kitchen TODAY! Randy Harris from Abilene Christian University will be our speaker. We will be done shortly after noon on Saturday. There will be a small fee to help cover expenses (we are thinking $25 per person) but please don’t let this keep you from coming, we can make it happen if you don’t have the $. We want every man, young and old, to come! See Bo Hill (Men’s Ministry Deacon) for more info!