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The church in Grand Junction has made ties throughout the world over the last many years.  Below is a summary of some of the ways we have reached out into the world, alphabetical by country.  Special thanks to Dean Blanck for compiling all of the information!

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AUSTRALIA:  Katie Clayton Watson has been on a college mission trip to Australia.Australia


BRAZIL:  Sasha  and Jennifer Terry worked for several years as missionaries in Porte de Alegro.
CanadaCANADA:  There was an unknown college student sponsored during the early 1990’s.


FRANCE: A group from our church traveled to France with John Cooper to work at a youthFrance camp in 2009 and 2011.  Holly Cooper, Mike & Pam Hurd, David & Stephanie Cooper, Gabe Wilkins,  Carolyn DeBerry, Melva Willbanks, and Cuba Omahundro went there with John.

GuamGUAM: John Cooper has traveled there several times to help and teach the Christians.  Richard Sisco also spent time in Guam.

HONDURAS: Several groups from our congregation have worked there over the past years. Craig Spoering, Doug Clayton, Dean Blanck, Audric Franklin, Chuck Tourney, David HondurasCooper, Jeff Yeager, Seth Tourney, Sara Tourney, Jaydin Connell, Stephen Hatfield, Kyle Crist, Johnna Connell, Becca Ferguson, Rowena Trumbo, John Cooper, Missy Meyers, Bill Barslund, Chuck & Sue Boyle, Rick Wilkins, Gabe Wilkins, Chris Tinkle, and many others have gone on short mission trips to Honduras. Currently we help sponsor Jovenes en Camino which is a Street Children’s project inTegucigalpa.

IndiaINDIA:  Our church has sent John & Holly Cooper to India to preach and teach.  Steve Bagga has made several trips to India to preach and teach he now supports several preachers in India. Ron Pottberg has made short mission trips to India as well.

JapanJAPAN:  Steven Cooper, David Moon, and Saprina Howard have been on college mission trips to Sendei.


MEXICO: Audric Franklin and Alyx Barthel traveled to Mexico City with AIM. Dane JenningsMexico has also made mission trips to Mexico.

MicronesiaMICRONESIA: John Cooper has been on mission trips to the island of Pohupei in Micronesia.

Mozambique MOZAMBIQUE: The Scott Harris family is currently living and working there as missionaries.  Doug Clayton traveled there to encourage the Harris family and teach in 2011.

New Zealand

NEW ZEALAND:  Luke Clayton and Lacy Clayton Smith have been on college mission trips to New Zealand.

Russian FederationRUSSIAN FEDERATION:  John Cooper and several  people from the congregation have gone to Russia including Michael Orpi, Melva Wilbanks, Abbey Antwine, David Cooper, Holly Cooper, and Steve Bagga . Currently we are the sponsor a children’s home in Russia.



RWANDA: The Marty & Louise Koonce family is currently living and working in Rwanda as missionaries. In 2011 Doug Clayton traveled there to encourage the Koonce family.


South AfricaSOUTH AFRICA: The Scott & Lisa Harris family were missionaries in South Africa prior to moving to Mozambique.  Ron and Susan Pottberg were missionaries in South Africa prior to Ron’s work with World Bible School.


Togo FlagTOGO:  The Scott & Lisa Harris family and the Marty & Louise Koonce family worked in Togo. This work has since been turned over to the Togo Christians after twenty churches were established.  Lacy Clayton Smith traveled there to encourage and teach. Tom Deister, Farrel Harris, and Richard Connell visited the Harris Family in Togo in 1994.


UKRAINE: We have helped send bibles to the Ukraine through EEM.  Seth Tourney spent a month near Kiev, Ukraine on a mission trip.
UAEUNITED ARAB EMIRATES (DUBAI):  John Cooper was the key speaker at Christian Seminars in Dubai in 2010 and 2011.  Holly accompanied him to Dubai on his second trip.


UNITED STATES:  We’ve had Zach Zumwalt in Portland, Oregon and Audric Franklin and Alyx Barthel in locations with the AIM program. Closer to home Scott Ferguson, Bill Tidwell, John Cooper, and Hunt Zumwalt have worked with congregations in neighboring communities. We have also helped sponsor preachers in neighboring communities.

ZambiaZAMBIA:  Scott Harris travels to Zambia often to work with churches in that country that were established in the past.




ZIMBABWE:  Scott Harris travels to this country from time to time to encourage and teach Christians there.

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Flags courtesy of ITA‘s
Flags of All Countries used with permission.