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Honduras 2016 Trip News

If you’re considering making the trip to Honduras with us in July 2016, it is necessary for you to make a deposit toward your fees. This deposit will be $100 and will be due in January 2016. Also, make sure your passport is up to date. – Dean

Honduras Mission 2012

The plan is to work with the Predisan Ministry which is based in Catacamas Honduras. Catacamas is a city of 45,000 people. It has a rural flavor with cowboys, horses, and cattle, but is also a bustling city with taxis, pick-up trucks, motorbikes, bicycles, and many people walking.  A short drive from Catacamas is a different world. Honduras is in the central time zone and does not have daylight savings time so while you are in Honduras the time will be the same as it is here in Grand Junction.

The  name Predisan is based on Luke 9:2 where  Jesus sent the twelve out to proclaim the kingdom of God and heals the sick and is derived from a contraction of two Spanish words: predicar, to preach, and sanar, to heal.

After arriving in Catacamas we hope to travel east approximately 40 miles into the Patuca Mountains to stay at Cedeco. Cedeco will be our base camp and from Cedeco we will go and work with the Christians at LaUnion. During the morning we will be involved in construction and maintenance  projects for the community. The afternoon will center around home visits and bible studies. Knowing simple Spanish phrases is helpful.

Travel Dates:  July 13, 2012 through July 22, 2012

Cost:  $1500 includes airfare (approximately $900 round trip), room, meals, and transportation while in Honduras.)

Minimum age by 8/31/12:  16

Recommended immunizations:  Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Measles and Tetanus boosters are suggested. Malaria medicine required.

Passport:  Current and should not expire within six months from the beginning of the trip. Place a photocopy in your luggage. E-mail a photocopy to yourself and leave it on your  internet server.


Decision to go 1/31/2012
Apply for passport 2/29/2012
Pay for airline ticket 3/31/2012
Register with U.S. Embassy in Honduras 4/30/2012
E-mail housing list to Predisan 5/31/12
Completed medical release form 6/30/12
Luggage packed 7/12/12

For additional information check out the website at www.predisan.org

Contact Chuck Tourney if you might be interested in being a part of this Mission Trip.